Sunday, November 15, 2009

Songs of the Moment 11/15/09 - Old Songs, but New to Me

This week has been very exciting for me because I added nearly 200 more songs to my iTunes collection. There's about a dozen albums I found in my dad's collection, which is massive, that I decided to give a shot even though they hadn't interested me before. On top of that, I got the first of my 40-or-so albums from my favorite artists (see previous post): The Incident by Porcupine Tree. I've got two songs from that album here and the rest are various songs that I'm glad I finally decided to pick from my dad and that I've thoroughly enjoyed through the week. Your welcome.

"Time is so short, and I'm sure there must be something more."
1. Now I really like Coldplay, but for some reason it's taken me two years to get around to listening to Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends which my dad has had since its release. Sad, I know. Anyway, I've finally gotten around to it and absolutely love it. I've heard some of the songs on the album many times before due to their extreme popularity, but a few of the ones that were new to me really impressed me, such as this one, 42. The structure of this song reminds me of a lot of other Coldplay songs with the slow start and then the build-up to the end, which is my favorite part of the song. I also love the piano throughout, real brilliant stuff.

"The world I love, the tears I drop to be part of the wave can't stop. Ever wonder if it's all for you?"
2. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are another band that I've liked for wuite some time now, but I had missed this album of theirs when I had searched my dad's collection in time before. Fortunately, I found it this time around. From this album I'm including the song Can't Stop, a tune that I've loved since before I had any albums from the Red Hots. For me, this song is the epitome of the Red Hot Chili Pepper mood with its not-so-melodic singing, vocal backups, and amazing drum part and bass line. I'd recommend you also check out the music video for this one to see a little bit of the quirkiness and awesomeness that is RHCP.

"What time is this, to trade the handshake for the fist?"
3. A Perfect Circle's album eMOTIVe is a collection of powerful, war-themed covers. Fiddle And The Drum is particularly amazing. I love how it can achieve such a musical beauty through voice alone. The absence of instruments somehow gives this song more meaning for me, and I've grown to treasure this song because of how unique it is in my own collection. I suggest you watch the video I've linked here, it really adds a new perspective to the song. See what you think

"Silence is another way of saying what I wanna say."
4. So I was finally able to get one of the dozens of albums I've been wanting, and its from one of favorite bands Porcupine Tree. Their new album, The Incident, came out two months ago. It's an extremely unique album because it is all one big 55 minute song split into sections that tell an interesting, amazing story about an unspecified tradegy (The Incident). This song, I Drive The Hearse, is undeniably one of my favorites from this list and from the album. It's the last track of the gigantic song, and it ends the story quite nicely with some interesting lyrics that bring about a sorrowful conclusion.

"You and I fit together so beautifully."
5. Faithless is a group I wasn't so sure about at first. I really don't like rap, but this unique techno style has me hooked. It has expanded my musical tastes a lot, and now I'm interested in exploring similar music in the future. For now, I'll maintain my addiction to No Roots, part of a smoothly flowing album of the same title. With a lot of their focus on love and peace, this lyrics have already taught me quite a bit, and the British-rap vocals of Maxi Jazz somehows furthers their impact. And yes, that is Dido accompanying him in this song. Her voice is a strange, yet cool addition to the song. Check it out.

"I can't shake the thought of you."
6. Speaking of Dido, here she is with a song of her own. I've loved her song White Flag for a while now, but I'm now disappointed that I never felt inclined to look into her other tunes until now. Sand In My Shoes wonderfully displays Dido's unique voice. I don't really have any particular liking for the lyrics or instrument parts in this song. I just really like the overall mood of it, relaxing and carefree, the sort of stuff for a boating trip or an evening drive. If you like this, you'll love the rest of Dido's stuff.

7. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd like something like what Explosions In The Sky has to offer. They are a strictly instrumental alternative band, the likes of which I've never heard before. With my first listen through some of their stuff I thought it was simple and boring, but I gradually came to appreciate the true talent and musical genius these songs hold. The Birth And Death Of The Day is a real treasure. I never thought a story could be told so effectively without words. As the seven minute song plays out, you can easy distinguish the different sections of the song as different parts of the average day. Beginning with a glorious sunrise, the song passes through a pleasant morning, an exciting afternoon, a busy, thrilling evening (at 4:35, this part is amazing), and a calm night eventually taken over by sleep. This is truly amazing music right here, as it should be.

"The best thing that you can do is take whatever comes to you, cause time flies."
8. I'd have to say that this one is my favorite of the bunch. Another one from the new Porcupine Tree album, Time Flies is probably the most uplifting song of The Incident. I was delighted when it was featured as the free music video of the week on iTunes, because it gave me an early taste of the album and ultimately convinced me to pick up the whole thing before the dozens of others that I desire. I think everyone can relate to these lyrics and the universal concept of time passing too quickly. They speak of old memories and the regrets and satisfactions that go fit into each of our pasts. I know I'll be listening to this song for the rest of my life, as countless new memories find their way into my personal connection with it.

"Don't defend a silver shining around the halo of what is already shining."
9. When I bought the new Porcupine Tree album, my dad bought a new album by a band that is new to us: The Dirty Projectors. I'm finding it really hard to like these guys. Most of their songs just seem annoying, but I'm hoping they'll grow on me. There is one however, that instantly caught my attention. I think Two Doves stuck out to me because of the singer in it (The Dirty Projectors have a few different vocalists), who I didn't find as irritating. This song is actually incredibly sweet. There isn't really any strong meaning behind this song, its just another of those tunes with an enticing mood, perfect for those evening walks and other relaxing times.

"Would you go along with someone like me?"
10. I've known this last song for a while now, and I've loved it just as long. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John is strangely alluring. The male-female duet really makes this a cool song, almost a love song. This is one of those songs that reminds you of your best times with your best friends. I know many good memories will go down with this song as I look back years from now. It's hard to explain it much further than that, listen for yourself and tell me what you make of it.