Monday, March 15, 2010

Simple Poems 3/15

That's right guys: poetry, a new hobby I've picked up. I guess you could call me an amateur poet now. Here are a few of the first lines I've come up with. They're simple, but who cares? I'd love it if you tell me what you think! Enjoy!

A Hard Life
There are times I'd give anything
For an easier life,
One that is filled
With more joy and less strife.

But then I smile and remind myself:
That is no fun.
I'd much rather try
To fight the clouds to find the sun.

The Storm
Cold and alone,
I shiver and moan
At dark clouds I never wanted to see.

But huddled together,
We brave this bad weather.
Nothing matters when you're next to me.

Here I go
Taking off again
Forgetting where I've been
Looking up and around
But never down

Yep, definitely amateur, but ever so promising!