Monday, July 27, 2009

Songs of the Moment 7/27/09 - Summer Favorites

With music being such a huge aspect of my life, I think it's worth it to keep an updated list going of the cool and catchy songs on my mind and in my life just for you. I'll also include a bit of lyrics I like from every song, as long as it actually has lyrics. No need to thank me...

"I only think about her, must get to her, cannot lose her. You know that I will not let this die"
1. First up this first time around (gee, I'm so excited) is F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. by The Fall of Troy. You may know this song from Guitar Hero 3...well lets be honest, who has ever discovered this song if not through GH3? Having played this game thoroughly during the past few weeks, I've officially decided that F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. is my favorite in the game, so here you are!

2. Up next is Hello Seattle (Remix) by Owl City. I was introduced to Owl City recently through the iTunes single of the week: Fireflies, but it turns out my uncle had a copy of the entire CD (Ocean Eyes) ready for me at our family party the next day. Out of the bunch, I definately like this song the best and yes, it is much better than the original.

"I keep on forgetting how the last two years of my life have been wasted, golden opportunities that I could have tasted"
3. Third is Living a Lie by Aqueduct, one of the 23 (yahoo!) songs I was able to buy last weekend with an iTunes gift certificate. With the purpose of finding new talented bands in my mind, choosing this song did not dissapoint and I was lucky to stumble upon Aqueduct when looking at a list of recently released albums. David Terry is already an awesome person in my book. His blend of rock and electronic is so unique that you'll have a tough time finding anything like it. On top of that, this song is just so catchy and it still refuses to leave my head.

"I believe in our romances, 'cause I believe in second glances"
4. Elevation is next with their beautiful song: Maybe Tomorrow. Thanks to Pandora for introducing me to this band. Usually it takes several or more listens for me to feel any kind of emotional attachment to a song, but this one had me from the first play through. I'm a sucker for a good love song, and this already among my list of the best. Check it out.

"I remember hoping you would stay, didn't wanna dance with someone else and can still see you walk away. When I'm not with you, I'm not myself"
5. Foolproof is a band that I discovered almost a year ago, but never really got into. I decided to revisit them by purchasing Railroads and now I'm filled with regret for leaving them unnoticed for so long. Although a very obscure band, Foolproof is amazingly varied in their music and, even though they only have released one album, they could arguably be described as alternative, rock, screamo, or possibly something else. Railroads is one of their softer songs, so don't hesitate to take a listen.

"Snow falls in slow motion as you go. Destination: San Francisco"
6. One thing you should about me and my musical taste is that violin/viola/cello part=excellence in most cases. With that in mind, its no surprise that San Francisco by This World Fair had my attention from the first few seconds of the song. It's another love song, though more on the sad side, so for me it can't get much better than this. Don't miss out.

7. This next one is from one of my all-time favorite artists: Moby. His new album, Wait for Me, is as incredible and impressive as any of his others. I'm not exactly sure why, but this new album strikes me as simple, like Moby just wanted to do what he loves and not have to care about what anyone thinks. This pure honesty in expression often brings out the best of one's talents, and Moby remains one of the very few people who can bring me to tears without words. Here's proof of his magnificence. Check out Shot in the Back of the Head if not any other song on this list.

"It's ok not to be the same"
8. I owe the wonderful folks at Harmonix for introducing me to this next song through their weekly-released content for Rock Band (my favorite!). Sweet Talk by Dear and the Headlights is one of those songs you first listen to without any strong impressions, but then you find it stuck in your head later and can't help but to wonder: "What in the world is that song? I need it now!" A few people I've had listen to it think its just annoying, but I love it. See who you agree with.

"Every moment bleeds into one. We're falling apart"
9. The Lake House by Hidden in Plain View not only has an awesome band name behind it, it's also amazing. The chorus is truly something special, and is the sort that can always calm you down and help you feel a sense of peace. This is one of those songs that was meant to be played during a date or a party or something because it is just so incredible that it has to get out there somehow. So help me out by not passing this one up.

"Sleeping during the day. Why lack of living from what we're eating?"
10. To finish off, I'd like to share The Men Who Live Upstairs by The Most Serene Republic with you. Sirius radio introduced me to this wonderful band. The Most Serene Republic has a cooperating male and female voice, one of my favorite variations of music groups. What's unique is that the voices are used more as instruments than as dominating harmonies. I'd love to see more of these guys in the future because they are benefitting the music world with their unique style. Here it is.

If any of these songs catch you're attention, give the bands a shot. I'm not telling you that this is some the best music out there, I am saying that for me it is, and I want to know if you agree. If anything, give these songs a try and I'm more than happy to listen to some of your own favorites. Thanks for reading/listening! -Kyle

Who am I?

What to do for my first post? That's a difficult question. I guess I'll start with something that usuallys works pretty well: an introduction. More specifically, an introduction to me. But who am I? What am I? Well that's what this introduction is for, silly.

I am a dreamer by day and by night
I am a craver, I savor the flavor
I am a music zealot
I am a Rock Band fanatic
I am a hardcore gamer
I am an imagination addict
I am a creator with words and sounds
I am an aspiring bass guitarist
I am a growing singer
I am a skilled violist
I am a future author
I am a visual photographer
I am a freak for the number 17
I am "the smart one"
I am an outsider
I am a frequent user of the dictionary and the thesaurus
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I am a lone dancer
I am a jokester
I am a seeker of fun
I am a listener, not a talker
I am a world explorer
I am a culture lover
I am a pioneer for a better future and for a more exciting reality
I am a hopeful husband and father
I am a passionate speaker
I am a constant thinker
I am a treasurer of artificial and natural beauty
I am someone who cares, so let me hear it
I am a pretty fairly decent guy
I am Yanusun
I am Kyle
Who are you?