Saturday, May 22, 2010

Songs of the Moment 5/22/10 - My Favorites From Your Favorites

Here I am coming at you with another round of fine tunes, but this week's a bit different. I'm usually putting songs up from groups you've probably never heard of. I love my unique selection of bands and love sharing the lesser-known, yet undeniably deserving artists with you, but I'm trying something different this time. With this post, I'm taking some of the bands you guys generally seem to love the most and I'm gonna let you know which of their songs are my favorite. Out of these songs, four of them are in my top ten most played songs on iTunes so you better be excited. Do me a favor and leave me a comment where you let me know which songs you enjoy most from these artists because I'm interested in finding out, truly. :)

1. Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie
"Now he lives inside someone he does not recognize when he catches his reflection on accident."
In my mind, this is one of the most emotionally powerful songs in existence. It has made me cry on multiple occasions, no lie. The lengthy piano intro, the background ambience, the drum beat that comes in, the lyrics. It's all perfect. Many other Death Cab songs are absolutely amazing, but this one definitely has them beat.
Other favorites: Transatlanticism, Title and Registration, Passenger Seat, The Ice Is Getting Thinner, Steadier Footing

2. Campus - Vampire Weekend
"How am I supposed to pretend I never want to see you again?"
This is one of the grooviest bass lines I know, too bad it's extremely hard to play. The beat is so infectious and it's got a great summer feel to it that I know I will be enjoying over the next few months. Vampire Weekend really have a lot going for them with their unmatched diversity and skill.
Other favorites: A-Punk, M79, California English, Taxi Cab

3. It's All Understood - Jack Johnson
"I read somewhere that you've got to beware. You can't believe anything you read."
I honestly don't like Jack Johnson's style all that much. His acoustic melodies...his lyrics (Who sings about Banana Pancakes!?) In fact, when my ipod was finally filled up to its max, Jack Johnson's stuff was the first I took off. Others really enjoy him and his relaxed style, but I'm not overly impressed. There are a few songs, however, that I'm in love with. It's All Understood is by far the best in my opinion. Notice it's one of the few that doesn't depend entirely on acoustic guitar and simple words.
Other favorites: Cookie Jar, Do You Remember, Better Together, Lullaby

4. Love Is The End - Keane
"I still do depend on you."
This song is extremely special to me. It's my second most-listened-to song at 180 complete playthroughs. I'm pretty dissapointed with Keane's new album. I just think bringing a rapper in completely ruined their unique style, and the songs without the rapper aren't all that great either. That aside, Keane is one of my favorite bands EVER. They are probably my second most played artist as well. This song is so heartwarming for me. It's sad, yet hopeful. I love that. Enjoy!
Other favorites: Your Eyes Open, You Don't See Me, Hamburg Song, Spiralling, Somewhere Only We Know

5. Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
"Now I'm told that this is life and pain is just a simple compromise so we can get what we want out of it."
I've seen these guys live...twice! Unfortunately, they didn't play this song either time. I'm glad it's not super popular like The Only Exception (my close second pick here) because that kind of makes it special for me to like it so much. There are so many Paramore songs that are fighting for this position because Paramore really won me over with their flawless last album. I'll include my recording of The Only Exception here from the concert a few weeks ago, which was one of the best nights I've ever had. Thanks Kim and Casey!
Other favorites: The Only Exception, That's What You Get, Misery Business, Born For This, Brick By Boring Brick

6. Natural Anthem - The Postal Service
"I'll write you a song and it won't be hard to sing..."
Same singer as Death Cab here, but a different, equally popular band so I figured I'd include them. They only have one album plus a few songs, but all of the tunes are pretty popular. I have never seen someone point this one out as a good one though. As for me, it's the very best. Natural Anthem is a musical masterpiece. The violins, the drums, the bass, the other strange sounds. This combination is so epic. And then when Ben Gibbard comes in for a short and sweet bit of words, I get the chills. Awesome!
Other favorites: Nothing Better, Be Still My Heart, Brand New Colony, Sleeping In

7. On The Wing - Owl City
"We can go anywhere."
I've been kind of sick of all the Owl City hype going on lately. Fireflies really isn't THAT good...sorry to those who disagree. Sure I think they've got a nice style and there are some tunes I really enjoy, but are they overrated? A bit. Still, here's my pick from them, a super sweet song that has an awesome atmosphere behind it. I'm sure you know this one if you know Owl City at all, so I guess there aren't any surprises with this one as there might be with these other favorites.
Other favorites: Hello Seattle (Remix), Cave In, Meteor Shower

8. Running - No Doubt
"Me, I'm the one you chose. Out of all the people, you wanted me the most."
I've found that No Doubt holds a strange place in the world of music. A surprising amount of people that I've talked to don't know who they are, but know their songs very well. That was the case with me...then the No Doubt concert three days short of exactly one year ago became my first concert ever and I've been to three more since then. Gwen Stefani is one of the most funnest performers out there and I really admire her after seeing their awesome gig on that special night. This song was a big highlight that night, and I've loved it ever since. It's one that isn't a huge hit, but should be. Tell me what you think.
Other favorites: It's My Life, Simple Kind Of Life, Sixteen, Ex-Girlfriend, Just A Girl

9. Sleeping Lessons - The Shins
"You're not obliged to swallow anything that you despise."
This is really the only song I've loved from The Shins. Their style just isn't so much their type. Still, I'm sad they've split up and was enjoying the change I saw them starting to make with their last album. I love the progression in this song and all of the unique sounds it involves. I can't say I've ever heard a basketball bouncing in a song (or whatever that is at the very beginning)...oh and high school musical doesn't count.
Other favorites: A Comet Appears, Turn On Me, Phantom Limb

10. Spaceman - The Killers
"I'm looking forward to this life I live."
I have Rock Band to thank for this one, I love myself some fake drumming with this song! The new style The Killers took upon themselves is definitely quirky, but I am in love with the new electronic feel it offers. Spaceman is uber catchy and is possibly the best-ever song to karaoke to.
Other favorites: All These Things That I've Done, Human, Somebody Told Me, When You Were Young

11. The Scientist - Coldplay
"You don't know how lovely you are."
While I enjoy the later changes that The Shins and The Killers made to their style, I'm less appreciative of the new identity Coldplay has taken on. I loved the song Viva La Vida, don't get me wrong (funny story: first time I ever heard it was actually in a German hotel lobby, awesome!), but the rest of that album just hasn't been able to grow on me like the earlier ones did so easily. My favorite is from the early Coldplay, the better Coldplay in my opinion. This song has one of the best piano/vocal combinations ever composed. Chris Martin's talent is so clearly portrayed...I can't get enough.
Other favorites: Don't Panic, Amsterdam, What If, Yellow, Shiver, Spies
(embedding has been disabled on this one, but you absolutely must check out the music video)

12. Time Is Running Out - Muse
"I wanted freedom, bound and restricted. I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted."
Here's another group I saw live. That was the best concert of all time right there. This song holds more significance in my life than most others. It was the song that first got me interested in Muse (now one of my favorite bands), it was the song that inspired me to start playing bass guitar, it was the first song I ever learned on my bass guitar (on Christmas day), and it is played by my favorite bassist and overall musician in the world: Chris Wolstenholme. Seeing it live only increased my love for it. I've got a bit of the song recorded that I will include here. The moment was so perfect: for the entire concert, the Muse guitarist/singer Matt Bellamy was on my side of the arena and Chris was on the far side. For this one song he decided to switch Matt to come to our song when he played this one song! He had a shiny orange (my favorite) bass guitar to boot! I had the chills so bad right then...
Others favorites: Hysteria (best bass line in the world and an EXTREMELY close second), Knights of Cydonia, The Resistance, Showbiz, Assassin, Space Dementia

13. You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol
"Is it too late to remind you how we were?"
Chasing Cars, Chocolate, Set The Fire To The Third Bar are amazing songs, don't get me wrong, but Snow Patrol has much better songs. Trust me. My personal favorite is You Could Be Happy, another one of my most-played songs of all time. It's not like anything else from the band. All it has is some sort of music box sound, a bass guitar, violins, a cello, and a tiny bit of acoustic guitar. Not at all like the rest of their tunes, but strangely superior in my mind. This one's a regretful song, but the words and sounds are so enticing. I just keep coming back.
Other favorites: Run, The Golden Floor, Set The Fire To The Third Bar, Make This Go On Forever, Chasing Cars, It's Beginning To Get To Me

I Saw Myself

This is my best effort poem. The choice I had to do what I wanted resulted in a pretty unique pattern and message. I like this one...tell me what you think.

I Saw Myself

I saw myself on a city street
I saw the people chat and hurry their feet
They were all so focused on the time of the day
I tried to get their attention but they had nothing to say
They only walked past with somewhere to be
They didn’t see me

I saw myself in a parking lot
I saw the people and the things they had bought
They were all so focused on finding their cars
I tried to get their attention but no meeting was ours
They only fumbled with their lock and key
They didn’t see me

I saw myself in a limousine
I saw the people basking in the rare scene
They were all so focused on the glamour and poise
I tried to get their attention but they didn’t notice my noise
They only delighted themselves with endless glee
They didn’t see me

I saw myself in the driver’s seat
I saw a person with a smile so sweet
She was so focused on the perfect soft tune
I gained her attention with the sounds that were strewn
She only turned her head left to some degree
She saw me

That makes two of us

I See You

For this poem, we were to take a picture of ourselves from our younger years and basically speak to it and offer advice and what not. Here's what I came up with. Don't laugh too much at the photo...

I see you
With that goofy grin,
That tendency to fall into the spotlight,
A one man show
Still trying to decide
What his signature act will be.
I know where you come from,
But I have no idea where you’re going.
I know it’s somewhere amazing.
Some bits of advice:
Expand your cast.
Bring along the ones
Who will improve your performance.
Take some risks.
Try new things
Or your ratings will plummet
And so will your profit.
Above all:
Keep that smile Kyle.
The fans love that stuff.


So for one poetry assignment I had to write a group of makeshift haikus. I say makeshift because I kind of mutilated the Haiku syllable pattern. The syllables for the lines are supposed to go 5-7-5 and I did 7-5-7. Let's just say I did it on purpose for creative effect. :)

A raindrop on the smooth leaf
It hangs on the edge
Will it never let it go?

Dark clouds taunt us from above
I shiver alone
But together, we stay warm

The water is now rising
But on this high hill
We’ll not feel a single splash

Because I could not stop for death

This is my version of Emily Dickinson's "Because I could not stop for death"

Because I could not stop for death
He kindly stopped for me
He offered his hand as I stepped in
A sound journey-his guarantee

He took the reins and on we went
With endless time to spare
I threw away each doubt and sigh
I tossed my every care

On the horizon first, a soaring dove
Its peace I did surely crave
Now on the right, a dying tree
Twas beautiful, but also grave

The horses galloped faster
As death cracked his flaming whip
I shivered as I caught the truth:
This was no welcome trip

Then suddenly, the wheels were still
A new figure appeared ahead
A powerful, bold stance had he
“This ends now,” he said

I leaped to the ground as quick I could
This bright man I could not deny
For his name was life and his home was earth
It was not my time to die

The Great Lover

Earlier in the year, we were instructed to take a poem of Rupert Brooke's as an example and write a similar poem of our own. Here's mine.

The Great Lover
These I have loved:
Musical notes on paper, ovals hanging from lines
A mess when written, a masterpiece when played;
The distant hum of the highway, where varied vehicles
With different destinations play the same song;
The inner sense of unbridled musical passion,
Keeping the beat in your mind and your feet;
The instrument in your hand, cold at first touch,
Then warm in your grip as you yearn to incite
The vibration and the resonance without holding back;
Air sweeps cinnamon from the candle especially for me,
Its tantalizing sting has my nose addicted;
And as the pillow captures and cradles my lazy head,
The purified scent of clean sheets
Will have me lay there forever;
My mouth suffers to fully savor the flavor of warm pastries,
But the silky milk is more delicious
As it cleans my throat soon after;
The night sky, mostly plain and dull,
Unceasingly attracts my eyes and my thoughts
With the wonder brought on by its dark emptiness;
Almost as satisfying is the fresh smell of the grass,
Which feels so sharp, yet soft as I lay upon it;
The crickets manage to irritate and calm me
At the same time with their unrelenting, alluring chirps;
The banana, with its creamy flavor released
After being smashed with my tongue and teeth,
Is perhaps the most stunning of all,
To think that nature could produce something
So pleasurable and unique confounds me;
An uncommon, unnoticed essence
Somehow always seems to dim the others,
Not seen, heard, tasted, or smelled,
Not even felt, at least not physically,
Secluded silence, the most perplexing presence,
Is only there because nothing else is,
Its lack of senses invites me to create my own.
With it, a whole new world unfolds
Right on top of the spectacular one before us;
All these have been my loves.

Another Path

Here is my version of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken".

Another Path

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveller, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then saw the other, as just as fair,
Which had perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

A great problem in my mind did arise
For the first went left and the other right
But I wanted straight with no reprise
And no forward path welcomed my eyes.
I pondered, then cursed at the plight.

Both trails seemed used quite oft,
Any wonders there were already seen
And while the soil seemed pleasingly soft,
A prevailing thought, my mind held aloft.
My desire was the lost treasure between

And so I left the easy ground
And into the thick, wild wood I fled
With a hope to discover something profound
In a place where risks and rewards abound.
A third path will be paved where I tread

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Slick Gimmick

So we've been writing poems for English lately and my friends have apparently enjoyed them enough to urge me to put them up here on my blog. So here are a few I've finished up. I must admit, some did turn out quite fabulous!

This is my sound poem, where we had to bring in rhyming, onomatopoeias, consonance, assonance, alliteration, or, as I did, a combination of all of them. People who have read mine seem to like this one the most, tell me what you think. For the full effect, try reading it out loud. And yes, it shares its name with my blog. That's how awesome it is.

A Slick Gimmick
Faint footsteps fall
Onto the faded floor
The flick of a light
And now the sounds, taking flight
Mark the start of noisy night

A loud burst from the mic
Like a lightning strike
Then the bleak speaker
Settles itself
A quick test: “1, 2, 3”
The vocals are ready to be

The bass takes its place
Putting power before passion
A cord is caught
On the strumming thumb
Now the ground is riddled with rattles
A quick “ready” zips from his lips
The term affirms silence

A guitar from afar
Seems extreme, like some are
Its dulcet ring sings things
That no other could bring
Low notes and high lines
Soar softly

A tap-tap on the tom-tom
A proud pound on the big bass
Sticks click with a finger trick
Trimming the rim of the cymbal
The beat is broken by
A thunderous roar of wonder

They know the slow moment
Could captivate the crowd completely
So in an easy tease, they delay
And wait for the breeze
Then finally the unique union
Begins their gig with a song
And so goes the rest of the show
A slick gimmick without a doubt

A Leaf

This here's my personification poem: choose an object, bring it to life. This is one probably my favorite of this round of poems.

A Leaf

I am born in the springtime breeze
When the winter is finally done.
I advertise the coming season
Of bright days and endless fun
The tree is my mother
And my father is the sun.
They have made me so beautiful,
But of thousands, I’m just one.

My green siblings stay by my side;
Together, we sing a blissful tune.
We call to those who pass us by
Throughout the sunny afternoon,
But when our brilliant father leaves the sky
And leaves his promise in the moon
Mother cradles our trembling bodies
And whispers: he’ll come back soon.

I hang on to my mother’s fingers,
But I am only so strong.
We all know that one day snow
Will end our summer song.
I’ll be torn from my big family,
Having done nothing wrong.
And when I finally hit the ground,
I’ll forget where I belong.

With the help of the chilly wind,
I’ll leap from place to place.
I’ll paint a solemn shade of brown
Upon my poor wrinkling face.
The chill will cause me to shiver,
Not caring for my timeless grace.
In the end, I know I’ll pass away
And fall into the soil’s embrace.


For this poem, we had to come up with a multiple-meaning word, and to bring in all of these meanings in an almost riddle-like way. I chose the word lap.

Your heart beats faster when you complete another
But you hate when someone does it to you
Especially when they over-do it
Some think of a place of peace, of luxury
Others see the hollow place in the hill
Accompanied by wrinkles and folds
It taints disheveled clothing
Coworkers always seem
To stack their problems and complaints on yours
It’s what the blankets do to your bed
Or what the puppy does to the water
You will find one in a jewel crafter’s workshop
And many in the fabric store
The little ones sit upon grandma’s
When she reads their favorite stories
She better not stand up, or it will disappear
If you are adorable enough
I just might let you sit on mine


Here is what I came up with for our metaphor poem, with potential as the subject.


It’s the tip of the sun on the horizon
As an unknown day begins to unfold

It’s the first few notes of a brand new song
However beautiful or catchy they may be

It’s the King/Seven you see in one hand
As you rummage through your dwindling chip stack with the other

It’s the first chapter of a fresh book
The one that doesn’t yet make sense

It’s the light bulb that turns on in your head
As your heart starts beating faster

It’s a blank sheet of paper
With so many things to become

It’s the first firework of a fiery show
The one everyone was expecting, but never saw coming

It’s the ball dropping as seconds pass
The end of an adventure and the opening of another

It’s a child’s mind taking it all in
But not yet knowing exactly what to do with it

It’s the dress rehearsal for the final performance
Or the warm-up for the game everyone’s been waiting for

It’s the smile on her face
As you walk her to her door after a lovely night

That’s potential

Bloomed, Not Doomed

Here is a poem I wrote early in the year for English where we had to choose whether we'd be a weed or a flower. (PS: making a poem rhyme makes it take four times longer to write, just so you know)

Bloomed, not Doomed

Why be a weed?
They annoy, irritate
With no beauty, no purpose
They inspire us to hate
Their only wish is to live
To fill in the gaps
More appealing things
A weed only entraps
They may be free
To explore the unknown
But a boring life, that is
For they are alone
They have little to offer
They are only doomed

A flower is my choice
They’re a pleasure to see
Delicate and treasured
Are better things to be
Vibrant and extraordinary
I’ll show off with no care
If only to let everyone know
I have something to share
Even when my time is come
And I am picked and sent away
I’ll always be a symbol, by which
you remember that special day
I’ll be in the garden
Worthwhile and fully bloomed


Here is what I wrote for our color poem: pick a color, associate all five senses with it. This is what I came up with.

A blinding light
Piercing my eyes with intensity
Only when it is dimmed can we see
A blank paper
A more appealing sight
Boring now, but perhaps more appealing
When later tainted with the shades of color
That lay upon the imagined canvas of our mind
The numbing chill of its snow
The threatening slickness of its ice
While the tantalizing embrace of a soft pillow
Waits inside
Popcorn popping
An audible delight
Though the heavenly ballads from clouds above
With their angelic chorusing and strummed harps
Are far more dulcet tunes
An array of flavors
Tickling the tongue almost incomprehensibly
The bitterness of salt
The sweetness of sugar
Soap, sour and revolting
Mint, cool and refreshing
Plainness in the form of milk
And the lusciousness hidden in marshmallow
A new plethora of complexity enters the nostrils
The rancid stench of an onion pushes us away
While the pungent mozzarella draws us near
Acrid mist and smoke signal danger
When suddenly, again
A blinding light

Song of The Moment 5/1/10 - Songs On My Mind

Wow, it's been way too long...3 1/2 months since my last "Songs of the Moment" post. With my birthday (for which I received 17 albums! New record!) before then and now, I've got some catching up to do. That's why this set's a bit larger than usual. Here are seventeen songs I've had stuck in my head and replaying on my ipod for the past few months, ones that have guided me through some amazing experiences such as my birthday, the orchestra trip, and prom, but also through some tougher times as the harder part of the school year finally (FINALLY!) nears its end. So, without further delay......BAM! Here they are, organized by their time of prominence within these past months. (Oh and I can't get the videos to fit, so some of them are cut off...just click on the title of the video to see the ones that are actually videos and not just pictures)

1. Naive - The Kooks
"How could this be done be such a smiling sweetheart?"
I grew to really enjoy this song through both Band Hero and Lego Rock Band soon after I got them for Christmas, but when I decided to pick it up off iTunes with some birthday money, I grew to love it! I've got great memories of the orchestra trip with this one and prom, and now the lyrics have come to have a really significant message in my life. I don't listen to too much of this British punk stuff, by The Kooks have me hooked with this catchy tune.

2. Sugar Skulls - Wolftron
"This time I want to take it slow and try to keep this life in line. Maybe fall in love..."
Here it is, the very first song I listened to as a seventeen year old. I remember it now, my parents let me up one album the night before my birthday so that I could enjoy the music that day at school. I choose a random one from the album the morning of my birthday, and enjoyed it while eating Cap'n Crunch. Turns out, this song and its lyrics fit extremely well with the "dream of seventeen" thing I planned on starting up. I still can't get enough of its soft, alluring soung.

3. Falling Up - Fearless
"I'm living fearless, so fearless, like every day's my own."
With some of the iTunes money I got for my birthday, I decided to search for a purchase stuff from a few completely new artists. This is one of those songs that has you interested in the first second...and the rest of the song doesn't disappoint. The piano and drum mix is brilliant, as is the switch from male to female vocals. And the rap beat that comes in at the end? It's strange, but I've come to like it. Unfortunately, other stuff from Falling Up isn't like this at all, but sometimes all it takes is one amazing song to appreciate an artist. Tell me what you think.

4. Shine - The Morning Of
"I'd give up forever just to see the day when the two of us could just walk away hand in hand."
In the past few months I've been, let's say, enamored :) This song is the one that did the trick with how I was feeling. It could see it being extremely annoying for some, but I think it's sweet. I'm a sucker for female/male duo singing, and this one nailed it with a fine combination. Every lyric just bleeds affection, and another piano/drum combo makes this song almost perfect. On top of that, the concept of shining and the word 'shine' are some of my favorite when love is the subject. Enjoy!

5. Sol Solis - Moving Mountains
"We, someday we'll see our love will shine."
Another great love song here, though a bit more heartfelt and honest than the last in my mind. I am rarely touched by the acoustic guitar, but these chords put me in a trance. I absolutely those the figurative concepts of this song. The Moving Mountains album I got for my birthday is like a musical poetry book. In Sol Solis we've got the singer, who is the earth, and his love is the sun. He craves her light and would die without her. I don't know about you, but I think that's sweet.

6. Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe
"I just want something beautiful to touch me."
Here it is, the first country-ish song that's ever really meant much to me. My journey to expand my musical tastes is succeeded thanks in part to Needtobreathe, a fabulous, sincere group I've been listening to on Youtube for quite some time now. These guys are amazing and have so much expression live, I'd love to see them someday. This particular song has become so uplifting for me. I hope to see more Needtobreathe soon.

7. Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks
"In any which direction, call me. I'll run for you. I'll come for you. I'll die for you."
First off, best band name EVER. These fellows from Scotland know what's up in the world of music. When I have some money to spare, their latest album is definitely the next one I'll buy. This song is fairly simple, but still so powerful. It's one of those easy tunes that won't escape your head. I, for one, have even found myself attempting to mimic this singer's accent in every day speech. This group's a unique one, don't miss out on what they have to offer!

8. Disappearing World - Fair
"Where is it that your peace comes from?"
The first minute of this song is beyond amazing. The rest...almost as good. I kind of like the idea of the music video, it gives me a good idea of what to think about the what the lyrics are trying to say. this song has become pretty personal for me. I don't know why, but it just seems to fit how I've been feeling lately, or what any ambitious high schooler has been feeling with the ongoing stresses of testing and such. At least we know that our world will reappear once it's all over :)

9. The Marsh - California Guitar Trio
That's right, no lyrics here. These guys actually performed at our school in March. I made it a date, an excellent one at that, and loved them so much that I picked up a CD they had waiting in the foyer. This song, The Marsh, really stuck on to me when they were performing, and it creates one of the best moods I've ever experienced. Listen closely to this one if you want to full affect. I dream to one day make music that is this beautiful...

10. Daylight - Matt & Kim
"In the daylight anywhere feels like home."
This song is so unorganized and quirky, it's awesome! The music video gives it a good feel as well. This song is one that makes you want to just let loose, to just forget the world, have fun, and love life. I can't say I've heard any music like this before, but now I desperately want more! Matt and Kim blow me away! You'll love them, I promise!

11. Worn - Sherwood
"And so I'm told: I wear and I'm worn."
Out of all 17 songs, this one's my favorite, without a doubt. As I endured a tough round of failures, including not making SBO, Senior Office, playing terribly at Region Solo/Ensemble, and other things, this song was the one that got me through. The vocals are absolutely flawless, and the acoustic guitar has proved amazing once again in this simple mix. I don't have much more to's wonderful. Don't miss this one.

12. Swan Song - A Fine Frenzy
"I wrote the words to the swan song, the author of the wrong."
I got this song for Christmas, but only recently has it really tickled my fancy. Also tied in with the no-fun weeks of March, this song has become really important for me personally. In my mind, this is the best music of its genre. A Fine Frenzy will always produce some of the most lovable tunes.

13. On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
"Up on melancholy hill there's a plastic tree. Are you here with me? Just looking out on the day of another dream."
I listened to this song fifty times within a week of its release, a record by far. It's part of the new Gorillaz album, which I think really sucks big time (Snoop Dog, are you kidding!?). This song, however, has one of the coolest mixes of instruments and rhythms. It's perfect for a late night drive. It's also really different compared to other Gorillaz songs. I love it.

14. Happily Ever After- He Is We
"We all have a story to tell."
These guys performed in Utah on Wednesday...and I missed them. Big thanks to Nick Johnson and Wyatt Frasier for getting me into this amazing duo. After listening to this song, I think you'll find it hard to disagree. I love the whole 'our life is a story' idea. I've often thought of it that way, and as myself as the author of my own tale. We do what we can, but ultimately can only hope it ends for the better.

15. Before This Ship Goes Down - The Material
"We'll turn the key and take the wheel. No looking back, this time it's real...with you."
While the other love songs of this list are sweet and soft, this one takes a different route with power and confidence, at least that's how I like to think of it. The Material has recently become one of my very favorite bands, which is cool because they're different from my other favorites and especially cool becuase they don't have many songs out yet. Check it out!

16. Feel The Same Way - Poema
"It can't get much better than this."
My buddy and fellow music-lover Kim Tran shared this and many other fantastic songs with me in a little CD exchange we had. This was my prom song; it fit so well with its strong optimism and sweet words. Take this song and make it your own, you won't regret it. Thanks Kim!!!

17. One By One - Unkle Bob
"Is this the way to be?"
Here we are at the end of my musical timeline during my absence. I actaully just found Unkle Bob yesterday, and thought I ought to share a song that has caught my attention early on. This band is extremely promising, and I'm excited to see if this song comes to mean something special in my life. It seems to have a sad tone and meaning, but I enjoy it ever so much!

Well there you go. That's where life has taken me in the last three months. I already know the next three months will be killer...perhaps better. We've got the new Keane album, the new Band of Horses album, and the Paramore concert this month, as well the music that will accompany the first half of my summer memory-making. Promising indeed. Thanks for reading and please let me know if any of these songs stick out to you. It's fun to see what captures my friends' attention.