Friday, February 4, 2011

The Last 17 Days: 13 Days Left (Musicians)

Less than two weeks now, I'm so bummed! Today I'm heading back to the music, my all-time favorite, with the list of the musicians who have influenced most. These are the people I idolize more than politicians, more than historical figures, even more than church leaders. These are the people that have inspired me to dive into playing and creating music. These are the people I consider my greatest heroes. I've seen six of them perform live. I've met one. In the order I discovered them, as always:

  • Scott Stapp (frontman for Creed)

  • ***Michael Cretu (man behind Enigma)

  • Moby

  • Chris Wolstenholme (bassist for Muse)

  • Matthew Bellamy (frontman/guitarist/pianist for Muse)

  • Dominic Howard (drummer for Muse)

  • Nikki Monniger (bassist for Silversun Pickups)

  • Matisyahu

  • Tom Shear (man behind Assemblage 23)

  • Steven Wilson (frontman/guitarist of Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, and No-Man)

  • Emily Haines (frontwoman for Metric)

  • McKenzie Roberts (violist for Flobots)

  • Kenny Choi (man behind Wolftron, Desperado Revenge, Camerafone, Des Rev, and Sorry About The Fire and frontman for Daphne Loves Derby)

  • ***Leighton Antelman (frontman/guitarist for Lydia)

  • AJ Perdomo (frontman/bassist of The Dangerous Summer and the only one I've met)

  • Mindy White (backup vocalist/keyboardist for Lydia and frontwoman for States)

  • "Ace" Enders (man behind I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business and frontman of The Early November)

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