Monday, January 31, 2011

The Last 17 Days: 17 Days Left (Friends)

17 is a huge number in my life. It's so much more than a lucky number or a quirky obsession, it's an adoration, a means of making important decisions, a bundle of powerful memories good and bad. Broken hearts, a friend's death, unforgettable vacations, some of the most enjoyable days of my life, significant details concerning my ancestry...all of these things are closely tied to the number. At this moment I have 17 days left to be 17. Now you may think this is unnecessary or just plain stupid, but I'm truly upset about letting this, the best year of my life, go. I want to be able to forever cherish who I was at this moment. This is my golden age, after all, and an amazing time it's been. I've come up with a way of helping it stay. For every day leading up to my birthday, I'm going to be listing the top influences in my life based on category. These are the things that have made me who I am at 17. This is mainly for my own purposes, but I thought there would be a few people out there who would care. Remember: these aren't necessarily my favorite or least favorite things and they aren't listed based on such qualifications. They are the ones that impacted me most, the ones accompanied by the most vivid memories, the ones that have shaped all that I am. Enjoy

In order only of their appearance in my life, these are the 17 people that I always smile biggest about when they come to mind. They are the ones with whom I created the memories I treasure most. These are the ones I'd be the most different without.

  • Kelsie
  • ***Jesse
  • Josh
  • Alex
  • Darrell
  • Morgan
  • Wyatt
  • Jessica
  • John McKay
  • ***Trevor
  • Jasilyn
  • Ben
  • Erin
  • Allen
  • Alexis
  • Kate
  • Hannah

Monday, January 17, 2011

Songs of the Moment 1/17/11 - Best Songs of 2010

Here they are! The top 17 (as always) songs of 2010! First, a huge thanks to the new songs I've found this year that didn't actually come out in '10, namely:

  • The Wonder by Color of Clouds

  • Miracle by Oceanlab

  • Sol Solis by Moving Mountains

  • Eulalia (Remix) by In Aviate

  • Yuki by Vessels

  • Shine by The Morning Of

  • Fearless by Falling Up

  • First Floor People by Barcelona

  • One By One by Swans

  • everything by Wolftron

  • My Never by Blue October

...and so many more, plus honorable mentions to Jinja Safari, States, The Reign of Kindo, Kaskade, Circa Survive, and The Foreign Exchange, who were close, but couldn't crack this list. Now, considering I chose from a whopping 554 tunes, I've also gotta take some space to individually recognize my runner-up group of 17. Give it up for 34-18! Don't discount the awesomeness of these songs!

34. Sunshine and Rain by The Icarus Account
33. Mr. Pushover by Hey Monday
32. Thieves In The Night by Hot Chip
31. Stays Four The Same by The Ready Set
30. For The Win by We Are The In Crowd
29. Goodbye From The Start by Alpha Rev
28. Heaven or Hell by The Morning Of
27. Ihnfsa by Kyte
26. Sleep Means Sleeping by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
25. Infinite Arms by Band of Horses
24. Spinnin' by The Ready Set
23. I Know You Know by The Morning Of
22. Follow Me Back Into The Sun by The Rescues (I was so sure this would be #1...funny how that turned out)
21. Clap Your Hands by Sia
20. Dark Storm by The Jezabels
19. Watermark by Sleeping At Last (from October)
18. Believe In Me by Sing It Loud

Now for the even better stuff, my top 17 tunes of the entire year!!! Enjoy!

17. The Time It Takes To Grow by The Morning Of
"If I said I was sorry, would you believe in me?"
After falling in love with "Shine", I was thrilled to find out that The Morning Of had a new album out this year. I picked it up soon after it came out and couldn't get enough, making it my most played album of the year. This song features an amazing vocal duet with super charming instrumentation. I especially love the slow part and can't believe how powerful two piano notes prove to be here.

16. Waiting by The Morning Of
"You're the one, I hope you know."
Another song from my 2nd ranked album of 2010! There's something about this song that makes it so empowering and uplifting. The fantastic lyrics and superb vocalization (which The Morning Of can always be trusted to pull off) make this a fun song to listen to and one that ended up claiming spot 16 despite my expectations.

15. Only You by Soletta
"I never knew beautiful, but now I know it's you."
My introduction to Soletta was a chance encounter. In going to see Sherwood and The Dangerous Summer, I was also able to pick up a new amazing band with this, their most touching tune. This is the sort of song I'd want to dance to at my wedding, the sort that makes me impatient when it comes to falling in love (do you ever feel that way when a great love song pops up in your life?). Don't miss out, whether you're a fan of that sort of thing or not.

14. Bring Night by Sia
"The music cuts into me and I know it can't be wrong."
Bring Night...where to begin? Let's just say if I were a DJ, this is the first song I would play. It's so infectious! I think listening to this song gets me the closest to hyper that I'll ever be! I sure hope no one ever catches me dancing to it...that would be embarassing. Sia is my Lady Gaga, my Katy Perry. My pop queen. I dare you not to at least tap your foot to this song.

13. Name by Fireflight
"He sees you and He loves you. He knows your name."
This was my first favorite of '11. It's been about ten months since I picked up this powerful album and this song still gets me every single time. I'm usually not a big fan of super religious tunes, but this one's different; It's not cheesy like some can's heartfelt like no other I've heard. I think you guys will particularly enjoy this one.

12. My Hands Hurt by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
"Just need to know where I belong."
Here's the first of three songs on this list from my top album of 2010. It's less than a minute and a half, but it deserves position #12. My Hands Hurt is so simple, yet so meaningful. I think I might pick up the acoustic guitar just to play this diddy. I'll leave the rest of the opinions up to you. Unfortunately, I can only find some random guy's cover of it to share with you guy, but he sticks to the original pretty darn well.

11. Put The Days Away by Sun Airway
"You're gonna find something to hold close."
I was taking a chance when I bought the Sun Airway album. The samples seemed mediocre at the time, but these wonderful tunes pulled through for me! Here we have Put The Days Away, which exemplifies everything I love about this album: a vocal range I can manage, repeating melodies, tons of atmospheric sounds, nifty lyrics...I could listen to this song over and over for quite a long time before getting sick of it. Tell me what you think.

10. Hidden Lakes by Shearwater
"You send a last balloon...that dreams of our lives."
Here's another one I originally thought would make #1. Just goes to show you how much amazing stuff I've come across this year. This album is the most unique found I've found this year. The voice is killer. The progression is powerful. The instrumentation screams musical brilliance. I'm honestly in awe of what Shearwater has to offer. Some love 'em, some think it's too strange...let me know which side you're on.

9. Wide Open by Brightwood
"Could this be true love? Cause it feels so real."
Early this year, Brightwood announced that they were giving out a song that didn't seem appropriate to include in their 2009 album. I thought it was a cool choice on their part and was fairly interested to have a listen. My jaw dropped almost instantly upon hearing the first few words. This is a fabulous love song. One of the most realistic, unglorified out there. I adore everything about it.

8. We Clean Up So Well by Lydia (*Language Warning*)
"Now that you're here, I guess we made it."
Lydia!!!!!!!!! From this point on is where we're getting at my deepest musical passions. To be honest, I couldn't help but be a bit disappointed at Lydia's fairly short 2010 album, but I'm so glad they still made it so far on this list. Tears came to my eyes when I belted out these lyrics at the concert...I'll never forget all of those amazing memories and I have this song to help keep them in mind. Thanks for everything Lydia!

7. Emphasis by Sleeping At Last
"The sweetest thing I've ever heard is I don't have to have the answers, just a little light to call my own."
Sleeping At of my new favorite bands. They kicked butt at the end of this year with their October, November, and December EPs. This one right here shows off how amazing all of their lyrics are, as well as the sweet melodies and vocals they never cease to provide. Listen carefully, and you'll quickly come to question why these guys aren't more popular. I'm more than pleased with the January EP, which provided my first favorite song of 2011 on the very first day of it! I've never been more frustrated with waiting for something than I am with the rest of the Yearbook collection.

6. Yellow Shirt by The Icarus Account
"No one's fine on their own."
The Icarus Account showed everyone what's up with their four dominating songs on the new Sunshine and Rain EP, my top EP of the year. This song's so sweet, the sort that'd definitely mean something real special to a couple. Rather than saying any more, I'll let you get the full effect right here:

5. Stop Smoking Because It's Not Good For You by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
"You say life has got you down. Steady course, we're breaking out."
I think this song caught on to my musical delight faster than any here. It's touching and groovy at the same does that happen!? I'm going to have to give I Can Make A Mess the diversity award for the amazing array of musical feeling they stuffed into their 11 new songs. This song makes me want to dance and to be a better person at the same time. There aren't too many songs like that, haha. Embrace it!

4. Snow by Sleeping At Last
"May we remember who we are...unconditionally cared for by those who share our broken hearts."
Yet another I thought had a chance of snatching the top spot...this was my winter song, my Christmas song. So many fabulous memories have already attached themselves to it. It's not too fabulous are far are instrumentation goes, but the mood and message make this song hard to stop listening to. Never before have I felt so strong a desire to savor a save it for the right moments to increase its effect. That's a sign of a truly incredible song right there.

3. Telling Me Goodbye by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
"I'm not holding on, but I can't let go."
I'm a big fan of fairly long songs, songs that can take you many different places and get you emotionally involved in a mini-story. Telling Me Goodbye, the last of the tunes from my top CD of the year, is the perfect example. It starts out pretty cool, then suddenly transforms into something jammed-packed with sound and feeling, expanding it to a point where you almost can't stand the intensity any longer.
P.S. - Start this video at about 2:17 for Telling Me Goodbye

2. Conversations With Stars (Acoustic) by Brightwood
"Out of an ocean of faces, have I met your eyes?"
Last year, my top album and top song shared the same artist, but two beat out the top CD this time around. I disqualified the rest of Brightwood's acoustic album from being in this list because, though they are all fantastic, they are just new versions of old songs. They added something special to Conversations With Stars, however, that allows this version to stand alone: a female voice with extra lyrics. This just might be the most heartfelt love tune I know. Enjoy.

1. On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz
"Are you here with me? Just looking out on the day of another dream."
Here it is!!! Numba one! The Gorillaz album wasn't as spectacular for me as it was for most, but this song blew my mind. With 108 plays since March (the first 50 were within a week), this stands as not only the most enjoyable song of the year, but also the most played. I can listen to this song no matter what mood I'm in or want to be's all-inclusive in a way I've never known in a song before. Well-deserving of this position.

Vs. 2009's top (Changed By You by Between The Trees)? As far as the entire lists go, this year kicked 2009's butt, but I think last year's top four songs all beat Melancholy Hill. Check those out here: I'm gonna have to say both years win here.

There it is...the last of the best of 2010. I guess it's finally time to start letting it go so I can focus on embracing the already-rockin' 2011. I can't wait to see how next year's lists will compare. Thanks for checking these tunes out. If you like what you've heard, spread the word! These musicians deserve everyone's attention.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best of 2010

Here it is, the best of everything 2010, the last year consisting of only grade school, the year of my golden age: 17, the best year so far. This post is a bit late, but it's actually taken me this long to finalize these decisions because of how ridiculously awesome last year was. Let's get straight to the countdowns!

Best Movies - This was a pretty darn good year for movies, including a good showing for video games with two big video-game-inspired films! These ones impressed me most.
5. How To Train Your Dragon - unexpectedly hilarious and clever; super charming film
4. Tron: Legacy - Now this is an artistic movie if I've ever seen one, and the unique thrills were a big plus.
3. Toy Story 3 - I was closer to tears on this one than with any of the others. I'd have to say it's my favorite Pixar so far. For all those who predicted it would be bad...shame on you.
2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - You may not understand it, but it's super awesome to see one of your old favorite video game concepts become a hit. This one was incredible!
1. Inception - duh. You'd have to be a fool to deny the genius behind this film. Cool effects, cool characters, cool plot, cool concept. The last time I saw this kind of movie was...well, never.
Vs. 2009's top (Avatar)? I'd have to say Avatar has Inception beat and the box office figures agree. 2009 wins here.

Best Video Games
5. Dead Rising 2 - You probably wouldn't expect it, but I love zombies! More specifically, I love taking out zombies. Fill a mall with them? Excellent. Force you to take them out with common store products (hangars, CDs, electric guitars)? Even better. Fighting zombies was never so funny.
4. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - part three in one of my favorite game series made some subtle improvements, the best of which are the addition of assassin henchmen and the creative multiplayer, but felt more like a extension of part 2 than a true sequel.
3. Alan Wake - If I could include this in the movie category, it would win. It has that sort of plot and artistic value. This game is so unbelievably unique, so imaginative, so would shock you to know that video games can be like this.
2. Mass Effect 2 - The sequel to my second most-played game of all time. Also on the virge of being eligible for the best movie award. The action, the conversations, the characters...I can't believe I waited the majority of the year to finally pick this one up!
1. Rock Band 3 - The sequel to my #1 most played game of all time! There have always been things I wished for in Rock Band, but with Rock Band 3's addition of the keyboard, ability to provide for a 7 (7!) person band, and superb animation and organization, it feels like there's nothing more it can do! Countless hours will go into this one.
Vs. 2009's top (Assassin's Creed 2)? Well seeing that it's sequel only hit #4 here, it's obvious that 2010 kicked butt here.

Best Achievements
5. Testing results - The two 4's on AP tests and the two 6's on IB tests made me fill extremely accomplished when the end of junior year came around. A 34 on the ACT and faitly decent scores on the SAT were frosting on the cake!
4. Selected National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist - the 'finalist' part isn't revealed until February, but I've received so much recognition for this accomplishment. The principal even made the effort to call me to his office to formally congratulate me! Being in this small group with one of my best friends makes it all the better!
3. Maintained 4.0 Cumulative GPA - after being extremely close to losing it twice, I overcame junior and senior year of IB against all odds! It's been tough, but I'm super thrilled about seeing that "Rank 1" every time I look at my transcript.
2. Voted Orchestra President - In all honesty, the position doesn't mean too much and it may seem silly that this is ranked so highly, but if you know me at all, you know how passionate I am about the orchestra. I lcan't get of those guys' company and it's so encouraging to see them return some of the love! The last day of BHS orchestra just might be the saddest day of 2011. That's one thing I'm not looking forward to.
1. Obtained 1st viola chair in the Davis Youth Symphony - Wow...just, wow. Never saw this one coming!
Vs. 2009's top (Voted "Most Outstanding Orchestra Student of the Year")? 2010 wins, fo sho.

Best Concerts - This decision caused me the most strife. Concerts are definitely the coolest things in my life, and this year booted my grand total of 1 up to 8! From a stadium to a shack, a world-thrilling trio to a little-known duo, this bunch of concerts blew my mind! Each of them could be considered my favorite based on different criteria, but right here is the ranking for the best overall concert experience.
5. Paramore w/ Relient K and Fun - Seeing Paramore two years in a row? Awesome! This time they had their own show.
4. Hey Monday w/ Cartel, The Ready Set, This Century, and We Are The In Crowd - This night was epic! So many bands! So much energy! I usually don't like this type of music too much, but I had so much fun that night and now I'm hooked!
3. Sherwood w/ The Dangerous Summer, Soletta, and Sam Sorenson - This was a particularly special night for me. I saw a band my friend Trevor introduced me to with him, personally met and conversed with one of my top bands (The Dangerous Summer), found a new terrific bad (Soletta) and acquainted myself with a local solo artist who I keep in touch with still today! All around amazing experience.
2. Lydia w/ Emme Packer - You guys have heard a lot about Lydia this year. I was a fountain of passion this night after Lydia announced their split. This was definitely my favorite group I saw this year.
1. Muse w/ The Silversun Pickups - two of my favorite bands in the world and my two favorite bassists of all time! This show was jaw-dropping in so many ways!
Vs. 2009's top (No Doubt w/ Paramore and The Sounds)? These two are probably my top two overall, but Muse has No Doubt beat. 2010 wins!

Best Trips - Holy wow amazing year in trips!
5. Lake Powell with immediate family - This year's stay at Lake Powell was marked by terrible weather, not a bit of wakeboarding :(, and an early return home. Still...I love that place and it had some fun moments.
4. EFY with Trevor - not sure if it was better than 2009's EFY trip, but I think Trevor and I got quite a lot out of this experience.
3. Lake Las Vegas with immediate family - This year's family trip was super fun. Nothing especially memorable here, but I really enjoyed taking a break from everything this week to have a nice time with family in scorching Nevada.
2. Orchestra Trip to San Diego - I want so desperately to place this first! I love the orchestra!!! San Diego Zoo, Sea World, a cruise on the San Diego harbor (yahoo!). I can't believe the next (and sadly last) round is only two weeks away! One of the top weeks in the year, without a doubt.
1. Washington D.C. with Jasilyn (November/December) - Holy wow enriching experience! Heading across the country with Jasilyn, one of my best friends? We saw so much and met so many people! Couldn't have asked for a better turnout.
Vs. 2009's top (Lake Powell with extended family)? San Diego and Washington D.C. both have that fantastic Lake Powell trip well-beat. Way to go 2010!

Most Memorable Moments
5. Cruise on the San Diego harbor - No one expected the cruise to be as spectacular as it was, but I'm pretty sure it ended up being everyone's favorite part of the trip. There's nothing quite like having a dance party with a group of drunk old people from France (The details are a bit foggy, haha).
4. Standing on the top of the Capitol Building dome - Seeing our nation's heart from the top of perhaps the most iconic building in the nation is indescribable. It was extra cool knowing I'll probably never be able to go up there again.
3. Chris Wolstenholme playing Hysteria live - I don't think I've ever been more pumped than I was when headbanging in sync with my most favorite musician as he jammed out to my favorite bass line with a sparkling orange guitar.
2. Meeting The Dangerous Summer - I think what made this moment insane was that I never expected I would actually get to meet these guys. After a live show that exponenetially increased my love for these guys, the group headed to the back of Avalon Theater (my new favorite place) where I went back and was able to have a poster signed by every member! To go from being hooked to their performance in the music video for "Where I Want To Be" (my second-placed song of 2009) to shaking their hands and talking at length with them...I'd like to see 2011 try and beat that.
1. Encore at the Lydia concert - the band seems to be getting tired, I'm sad because I know the end of the show is near, Leighton mentions and encore and the simple piano solo of "This Is Twice Now" heart breaks because I know it's the last I'll ever hear from my favorite band. Super sad moment, but definitely the most memorable. The only good part about this whole thing? Three fabulous bands have already been started by the individuals members and are proving have tons of potential. I can't wait to see what they bring in the near future!

Best EPs - An EP, you ask? Extended Play or, in other words, a bit bigger than a single. You'll find 3-7 songs in each of these. I put these under the album category last year, but I've found so many good ones this year that they deserve to be recognize separately. Don't count this music out.
5. Beneath It All by Hey Monday - In preparation for their concert, I though it appropriate that I should actually own some music from this bunch. I picked up their summer EP and got way more out of it than I predicted.
4. Dark Storm by The Jezabels - I didn't expect to like the voice leading this group, but I decided to give them a shot and I can't get enough! I think almost anyone could pick up this CD and get some enjoyment out of it.
3. Jinja Safari (Self-titled) - It's funny two bands of Australia make it on this list (this and the Jezabels), considering I don't know any other bands from Australia. This band has a super nifty tribal feel to their of the most original varieties of alternative I've come across in a while. The 5 songs here pull off the tribals sounds amazingly.
2. The Road Back Home by Soletta - Huge thanks to the Sherwood concert for introducing these guys to me. Even after their live performance, I wasn't too impressed with these guys, but still decided to pick up a couple of their CDs at the concert. Since then, I've become quite attached to their stuff. I'm super passionate about these 7 tunes.
1. Sunshine and Rain by The Icarus Account - This group of 4 songs is killer. Each song is so heartfelt, so charming...I'm glad I finally decided to pick up some stuff from this talented band.

Best Albums - This was by far the best year of music. I doubled my iTunes collection (2,300 to 4,589 songs!) All of the concerts, all of the new bands, all of the fantastic work from old favorites. I've gotta go with ten on this one because of all of the amazing choices available to me. Some were lucky finds, others were inevitable, all are amazing.
10. One Life Stand by Hot Chip - Quirky? Yes. Unsettling? At times. Addictive? Undeniably. Hot Chip pulls out some real funky stuff here, but I love it! Each song has a little something that keeps me coming back!
9. Elementals by Brightwood - This album doesn't have any new songs, but is an acoustic collection of nearly all of Brightwood's past. I was rarely one for primarily acoustic tunes, but these insanely beautiful acoustic renditions, along with many other great tunes I've found this year, have changed that standing.
8. We Are Born by Sia - Many of my favorite bands have turned more pop/electric recently (the Gorillaz, the Killers, Keane) with little to some success. Sia pulled it off better than any other. Her beats are infectious. She's my Lady Gaga! This is the stuff I dance to.
7. Satelitte of Love by Color of Clouds - I've been looking quite some time for a CD like this. It's got the perfect feel, a soothing voice, sweet, yet catchy melodies. I think most of the people I associate with would fall for this band.

6. The Golden Archipelago by Shearwater - This is beautiful music if I've ever heard it. Tons of cool sounds here, with an even cooler voice and premise. Do not miss what this band has to offer. It's cool to know that this album isn't just one of my favorites. People across the nation are falling in love with it. Join the bandwagon!
5. Dead Waves by Kyte - This was a lucky encounter. After hearing a couple samples on iTunes, I knew I had to have this CD. The fact that the band name is only a crossed l away from my name is a big plus. This style of music is like nothing else I've heard, but I feel that it fits me better than any other.
4. New Morning by Alpha Rev - I honestly didn't think this album would make the top ten, but the more I listened to it, the most I realized how much I really enjoy it. There are many examples of superb musicianship here. Another nice addition to my alternative collection.
3. Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier by Sun Airway - This unique electronic album grew on my so fast. It has the catchiest techno diddies I've ever heard. The best part? It's all within my vocal range!
2. The Way I Fell In by The Morning Of - I was so sure this would be my top pick for the majority of the year. This was my summer album, and though it was beat, it was one of the most enjoyable I've ever listened to and probably accompanied more good memories than any other this year. I was thoroughly impressed by the new and improved The Morning Of. I'm bummed I missed their concert this summer...I can't wait till they come around again!
1. The World We Know by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - This album is touching. It grew on me in a really cool way. Every couple of days I have a new favorite from it. Each song is so memorable and this group has suddenly become the one I'm most interested in seeing live. Here's to hoping they pay SLC a visit in '11!
Vs. 2009's top (Spain by Between the Trees)? Oooooooohhhhhh...that's tough. Each is cool in different ways. Hmm...overall, though I hate to have to choose, I'd have to say 2009 wins this battle with Between The Trees spectacular CD, which, as it turns out, was their last album now that they have split.

Honorable mentions to He Is We, The Reign of Kindo, and The Ready Set!

Top Songs will be revealed tomorrow!

I've gotta include formal recognition of all of the amazing new bands I've found this year, particularly the ones that didn't have any new stuff in 2010, but were still a huge part of my life this year.
Big thanks to Wolftron, The Dangerous Summer, Moving Mountains, Barcelona, Oceanlab, Sleeping At Last, States, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Vessels, Undo, Stars Go Dim, The Ready Set, This Century, Ayreon, Sigur Ros, Stars of Track and Field, Eisley, Vedera, Unkle Bob, Jars of Clay, Metric, Broken Bells, Gorillaz, Flobots, In Harbour, Balance Problems, This Beautiful Republic, Falling Up, Embrace, Laura Veirs, Blue October, and Taylor Swift.

I dedicate all of the fabulousness of this awesome year to Lydia and Between the Trees (also split up this year; they had my top album and song of 2009). I'll miss you guys!

Outlook for 2011?
Only two weeks into the new year and I'm already shocked at what is has to offer right off the bat. Here's a list of the highlights.
  • Dead Space 2 comes out in two weeks! Some other new games: Elder Scrolls 5, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, Portal 2.
  • I already have plans to see The Material in February and my birthday party will be seeing Barcelona live on my birthday! This year of concerts has an early start!
  • Day one of the new year and Sleeping At Last already hit me with a powerful EP with a song that I know will end up on the top list for 2011. I can't wait to experience this band's "yearbook" of tunes.
  • New albums coming soon from Iron & Wine, The Dangerous Summer, The Strokes, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, No Doubt, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
  • Orchestra trip 2011: Disneyland...I'm too excited for words
  • Graduation and then college!
  • Cinderella just finished of the coolest things I've ever been a part of.
Turn it up to '11!