Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YouTube Gold: Best Laughs

Here I am! After the terrifying end of senior year and anti-progress start to the summer, I'm back to blogging! I'm hoping to keep up the posting with all of this time off so check back often. So where do I begin after this 4-month hiatus? Well there's a list of things I've been wanting to do with this blog for a while so I guess I'll hit up that checklist. First up: YouTube.

It's not easy finding good stuff on YouTube without a little guidance. After a few years searching the site, I think I've seen a good chunk of the worthwhile stuff up there so I figured I'd start up a little collection of it right here for your convenience. Let's get to it.

1. Jake and Amir ... where to begin? I don't think I've laughed harder then during their best videos. Beware though...this stuff gets incredibly profane on certain videos so talk to me to find the right ones. Basic premise: Jake and Amir have adjacent desks at their workplace. Amir usually acts like an idiot and is always trying to get Jake, whom he idolizes, to notice him. Jake is incredibly annoyed by Amir, but can't get away from him. Now here's a small sample:


(Anyone notice that two of them say '17'?)

2. This series is done by the same company (College Humor), but includes Jake, Amir, and a bunch of guys in their office. It can also get pretty inappropriate so don't go watching them all you want if you'd rather avoid that stuff. Here's a good representation of the better half:


3. Now here's all the other stuff College Humor does. There aren't as many hilarious videos in this group, but many are worth checking it out. Here's some of them:


4. The Harvard Sailing Team is a college comedy sketch group I found not too long ago. These guys haven't been making videos lately and don't have too many, but i think they're hilarious. Check out these highlights:


5. Chances are you've heard of Julian Smith, but maybe you haven't seen all of his stuff. He's had some pretty epic videos lately. Here's a taste:


6. Here's my favorite comedy series of all: The Onion News Network. Sarcasm and mockery at their best. These guys even have their own newspaper and television channel. It's that good. Once again, be wary of the crude stuff. Check these out if anything on this post:


Now that's only scratching the surface of my collection, but I think it's a good batch for now. I'll be back with some more eventually. Let me know what your favorites are!