Monday, February 7, 2011

The Last 17 Days: 10 Days Left (Characters)

The number '2', being my birth month, frequently accompanies 17 both by my own choice and through luck. I decided I wanted to make an even further distinction with these items by selecting the top 2 from each category so we can see what stuff goes beyond standing out in my life. I've gone back to all of my older posts and starred the top 2 most influential (not necessarily my most favorite) in each subject and will do so from now on. Check those if you're interested in seeing my all-time tops.

Today I'm revealing the most prevalent fictional characters in my life. If I were to have included characters I've created, they would have taken all 17 slots, but since it would mean little to list them here and because I'd rather not reveal most of them at this time, I'm restricting this list to characters I haven't created, but rather adore: one from a book, one from a movie, one from a book and its movie, two from video games and their movies, and the rest (how many are left? haha) from video games. These are the characters that inspired me to create my own, the ones that really got me engaged in their stories, the ones I have always and will always root for.

  • Lara Croft (from the Tomb Raider series)

  • Pidgeotto (Pokemon #17)

  • Ronan (from Stargate: Atlantis)

  • Birdo (from the Mario series)

  • Legolas (from the Lord of the Rings series)

  • Drizzt Do-Urden (from the Dark Elf Trilogy, The Icewind Dale Trilogy, and more)

  • Gordan Freeman (from the Half-Life series)

  • Alyx Vance (from the Half-Life series)

  • DOG (from the Half-Life Series)

  • ***Zoe Castillo (from Dreamfall: The Longest Journey)

  • Altair (from Assassin's Creed)

  • Elika (from Prince of Persia 2008)

  • The Prince (from Prince of Persia 2008)

  • Wall-E

  • Tali Zorah (from the Mass Effect series)

  • Issac Clarke (from the Dead Space series)

  • ***Alan Wake (from self-titled video game)

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