Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last 17 Days: 12 Days Left (Album Covers)

Hey if you're wondering about this "Last 17 Days" thing, check out the intro to it that I put up back on the 31st of January. Today's category began as "artwork", then it turned out that all 17 of the choices were album covers...just goes to show you how much music means to me. These are the images that bring the most ideas and memories flooding through my head, the ones I would tell you are most beautiful, the ones most clearly imprinted in my mind. These pictures make me most upset at my lack of visual art skills. In my future house, I want these hanging up on the walls. In order of my first sight of them:

  • Human Clay - Creed

  • Carnavas - Silversun Pickups

  • No Regret - Blacktop Morning

  • Cinematographic - The Junior Varsity

  • Seven Lives Many Faces - Enigma

  • In Absentia - Porcupine Tree

  • ***A Single Strand - Kiros

  • Spain - Between The Trees

  • ***Illuminate - Lydia

  • This December; It's One More and I'm Free - Lydia

  • Reach For The Sun - The Dangerous Summer

  • Sound of Defeat - Until June

  • Pneuma - Moving Mountains

  • The Way I Fell Out - The Morning Of

  • Assailants - Lydia

  • Yearbook: December - Sleeping At Last

  • Yearbook: February - Sleeping At Last

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