Saturday, November 20, 2010

Only Together

Here's the poem that got me first in Reflections at the school level...we'll see how it does at the counsel and region levels. The theme was "Together We Can" so I decided to bring in objects that not only worked together to do something, but that could only do it when together. It kinda turned out to be a love poem, which isn't what I had intended, but it's a nice addition. Tell me what you think.

Only Together

You’ll be the wind and I’ll be the sail.
Faced with waves tough and vast, we’ll prevail.
Pointless when alone, we’ll join to save the day.
I’ll stand up strong and you’ll choose the way.
We’ll see our captives to their destination,
Revel in the travelers’ show of fascination.
Steering this vessel back toward the land?
Together we can.

You’ll be the paper and I’ll be the pen.
We’ll brave the ideas of countless great men.
Dull when alone, we’ll create at the touch.
I’ll dance and you’ll hold letters and such.
We’ll laugh at thoughts seen in his face,
Watch in amazement as she fills the space.
Enabling their work to reach every fan?
Together we can.

You’ll be the left hand and I’ll be the right.
Bouncing on many keys, we’ll take flight.
Boring when alone, we’ll move side by side.
I’ll play treble and in bass, you’ll confide.
We’ll rejoice in any acclaim, even mere,
Wonder at every gasp, every tear.
Bringing forth the skill of this man?
Together we can.

You’ll be the fuel and I’ll be the spark.
Where once there was nothing, we’ll leave our hot mark.
Useless when alone, we’ll keep warmth flowing.
I’ll start the flames and you’ll keep them going.
We’ll delight in the joyous tunes that are sung,
Suppress a smile when the s’mores burn a tongue.
Pointing out survivors to eyes that scan?
Together we can.

You’ll be the girl and I’ll be the guy.
We’ll fall for each other and never ask why.
Hopeless when alone, we’ll seize a great love.
I’ll fight the world below while you search above.
We’ll keep hope alive and in fear, never cower,
Barely fathom the extent of two hearts’ power.
Inspiring happiness through all life’s span?
We can,
But only when we’re together.